About Canvas Funk

A bit about Canvas Funk

Who's the brains behind Canvas Funk?

Canvas Funk was launched in 2006 and is firmly established as one of the leading pop art companies in the UK.

It is run and owned by digital artist and Zac who has over 18 years experience in graphic design and print production. Zac used his graphics experience creating personalised funky prints for friends and decided to use this idea commercially to fill a gap in the market for customised gifts (pre Funky Pigeon!).

Inspired by Warhol's commercial, bright and bold artwork Canvas Funk have used this popular style as a basis of fun, funky and striking pop art on canvas.

Canvas Funk has also worked for a few leading commercial media and PR companies creating bespoke canvases for corporate usage including celebrity portraits and magazine art. He also sells art prints and mixed media art. 

Contact Canvas Funk today and you'll be dealing with our digital artist Zac, who is happy to give you advice on maximising your photos.  

The Canvas Funk TLC

Canvas Funk takes pride in each portrait we create and the choice of materials we use. We put a lot of care and attention in creating art which has that personal touch.

"I got the canvas today and I absolutely love it! It is going to be a very well received gift. Thanks so much for all your help. The whole process, was smooth, easy and the end product just what I wanted!"